2021 / United States / Documentaire hybride / 60′

Directed by Kersti Jan Werdal

French premiere


Filmed on location in Northwest Washington, Lake Forest Park is a coming-of-age tale that (un)winds a group of friends dealing with the secret of a classmate’s death. The film explores collective and individual grief tinged with existential confusions. Caught are sweet subtleties of youth, while the unsayable calls out to the sounds that are raining.


Kersti Jan Werdal is a filmmaker and photographer based in California. Her film work centers around collective memory, hidden truths within cultures that experience(d) erasure, and above all – place. Her films focus on off-screen sound and framing of the subject to tell a story, while often working within a structuralist form. She frequently works in Washington State where she was born and raised, incorporating landscapes and histories of the region.


Writer   Kersti Jan Werdal

Cinematographer   Gillian Garcia

Sound   Kevin T. Allen

Editing   Kersti Jan Werdal

Mix   Adrian Reynolds

Cast   Alex Hofstrand, Weihong Zheng, Lily Rand, Jack Paradise, Dylan Lehmann, Luka Huffines, Tres Huffines, Kesiah Manival, Clara McHale-Ribot

Original music   Marisa Anderson

Special effects   Kesiah Manival

More information
Casting Director   Kersti Jan Werda
Locations   Kersti Jan Werdal
Title Design   Scott PonikAssociate
Editor   Andrea Franco
Assistant Camera   Jack Paradise
Executive Producer   Hannah Peterson
Producer : Jackii Chun, Robin Pecknold, Ecstatic Static

Production   Kersti Jan Werdal – kerstijanwerdal@gmail.com