Konstantina Kotzamani

France, Grèce, Argentine / Fiction / 2019 / 40′


The buildings are not supposed to move, but the one located at 2050 Avenida del Libertador in Buenos Aires is full of curious tremors. The ceiling of the top floor shivers causing a strange nausea which devours its inhabitants. Those who live at the top fear the fall – those who live below fear drowning.



Konstantina Kotzamani was born and raised in Greece, she graduated from the film department.

Her short movies have premiered inmajor festivals such as Cannes, Berlinale, Locarno and have received numerous international awards. For her short films Washingtonia (2014) and Limbo (2016),she has been twice awarded by the Greek film academy with the best short film award and twice nominated by the European film academy for the best short of the year (efa award).

Konstantina, beneficiary of the Onassis foundation scholarship recently spent a year in Buenos Aires in order to develop her first feature film script, Titanic Ocean, in collaboration with UCINE (Universidad del cine de Buenos Aires) under the supervision of the tutor Agustín Mendilaharzu. The project was selected at the Torino Feature lab and Cinemart 2018.


Writer: Konstantina Kotzamani

Cinematographer: Roman Kasseroller

Sound: Virginia Scaro (ingénieur du son) – Persefoni Miliou (monteuse son)

Editing: Smaro Papaevangelou

Mix: Simon Apostolou

Sets: Lucía Carnicero

Cast: Juan Carlos Aduviri, Nelly Prince, Elisa Massino, Nikita Zuckerberg, Susana Pampin

Production: ECCE FILMS – Caroline Demopoulos


Room 1
Friday, August 28 – 6pm

Room 2
Sunday, August 30 – 4pm