Omar Amiralay was born 1944 in Damascus, Syria (died in 2011). Major figure in the Syrian New Wave of the 1970s, Amiralay is known among others for La Vie quotidienne dans un village Syrien (1976), Un parfum de paradis (1982), Ombres et lumières (1994), Il y a tant de choses encore à raconter (1997)…

Par un jour de violence ordinaire, mon ami Michel Seurat…

1996 / France / Documentary / 48′

On 22nd May 1985, Jean-Paul Kaufman and Michel Seurat were kidnapped by the Islamic Jihad on the road to Beirut airport. Seurat died after 8 months of captivity. A journey into the past, a “police” investigation into the exact circumstances surrounding the death of Michel Seurat and a consideration of the historic dialogue between East and West.

Il y a tant de choses encore à raconter

1997 / France / Documentary / 50′

The film is based on an interview with Syrian playwright Saadallah Wannous a few months before he died of cancer, in which he talks about the Arab – Israeli conflict, documenting decades of the dream of Arab liberation.